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How To Cancel Call Divert/Forwarding On Android Phones

Looking for how to cancel call divert or forwarding on Android phones? It is as simple as eating a piece of cake. If you’ve enabled call forwarding on your Android phone for some reasons earlier, and you’re looking for ways to deactivate it, this article will help you.

There are various reasons why people want to cancel call divert on Android phones, with the main reason being when you no longer need the service. On the other hand, if you feel like someone or an organization is forwarding your calls without your conscience or people complain your phone number is unreachable, it’s high time you learned how to deactivate call divert on your Android device.

Part 1. How to know if your call is forwarded to another number

If you feel suspicious of someone forwarding your calls or you don’t know if you’ve activated call divert on your SIM card, there are various ways to check it on your phone.

  • First of all, if you see a persistent notification on your Android notification shade saying “Forwarding all calls” or something related, that means you or someone has activated call divert on your phone.
  • Secondly, if the network provider says “Please wait while your call is forwarded” when people call you, your phone number is diverted to another phone number.
  • Finally, if people complain of “phone number unreachable” whenever they call your number which means your call is forwarded.

Another way to know if your calls are forwarded is going to Call Forwarding settings on your phone. Check the later sections to know that and also learn how to cancel call diverts on Android phones. 

Part 2. How to deactivate or cancel call forwarding on Android phones

Canceling call diverts on Android phones is pretty simple. But since there are many Android devices from various brands out there, the steps might be different. We’ve used the Phone app by Google to create the working steps to cancel call divert on your phone in this article.

To deactivate call forwarding on Android phones, all you need is to open the Phone app and tap the call settings page. Additionally, if you have two SIM cards on your phone, you’ll need to repeat the same steps for both of them.

Here’s how:

  • Launch the Phone app
  • Tap the 3-dot button at the top-right corner.
  • Select Settings
  • Tap Calling Accounts
  • Select the SIM card you want to cancel the call divert on.
  • Tap Call forwarding
  • You’ll see four “Call forwarding” options and their status there:
    • Always forward,
    • When busy,
    • When unanswered, and
    • When unreachable.
  • Tap on the option you want to disable, then tap TURN OFF on the screen.
  • If all the call forwarding categories are active, disable them one by one until you’ve turned off everything.

That’s how to cancel call divert on Android phones. And irrespective of your network provider, those steps should help you out.

Part 3. How to cancel call divert on various networks using dial codes

If you’re looking for call forwarding deactivation codes that work for individual network providers instead of using the Android Phone app settings, you can try the shortcodes below. Meanwhile, it’s just the same as what we’ve mentioned above, and the codes work all networks too.

Note: if you have two SIM cards on your phone, ensure you dial the shortcode on the affected SIM card to deactivate call forwarding on your phone effectively.

Part 4. How to cancel call divert/forwarding on MTN

You can deactivate call divert on your MTN SIM card by dialing this shortcode: ##002#. Dialing this code will erase all call divert options on your SIM card.

  • Open the Phone
  • Tap the Keypad
  • Enter the code: ##002#.
  • Tap the Send/Call button

Part 5. How to cancel call divert on Airtel network

To deactivate call divert/forwarding on your Airtel SIM card, dial this Airtel call forwarding deactivate code on your phone: ##002#.

  • Open the Phone app and tap the
  • Dial ##002#
  • Press the Send/Call button

All call forwarding options on the Airtel SIM will be deactivated.

Part 6. How to cancel call divert on Glo

The process isn’t different from others too. Just dial the shortcode to deactivate call forwarding on your glo SIM card.

Here’s how:

  • Open the Phone (Dialer) app.
  • Tap the Number pad.
  • Enter ##002#.
  • Tap the Call/Send

Part 7. How to confirm if you’ve deactivated call forwarding on your phone

If you’re not sure you’ve deactivated call forwarding on your phone, try the following ways to confirm that.

  • Check if the persistent “Call forwarding” notification on your phone is no longer there.
  • Ask someone to call you. If it rings directly on your phone number, which means you’ve deactivated call forwarding on your phone.
  • Similarly, you can go to the Call Forwarding setting in the Phone app to confirm if all the call forwarding options are turned
  • And lastly, if you feel like someone is forwarding your calls underneath, you can contact your service provider for confirmation.


Call forwarding or divert is one of the nifty features that make using your phones and managing your calls simpler. You can use it to route calls to your home phone any time you travel, you can use it to avoid distractions during work hours or vacations, or just anytime you want.

If you feel like call forwarding has finished its job on your phone, you can try any of the methods above to deactivate it on your phone. We preferred the Phone app method as it clarifies if your call is forwarded or not. Meanwhile, to ensure you’ve successfully canceled the call divert on your phone, tell someone to call your number. If it rings on your phone, then you’re on the safe side. 



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