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Destiny Young is a highly credentialed information technology professional with over 14 years of industry experience. An HND/BSc (Hons) in Computer Science graduate. He holds a Master of Technology degree in Information Technology from the prestigious University of South Africa (UNISA). He is a Distinction-grade MBA alumnus of Nexford University, Washington, DC, where he also obtained a First-class MSc degree in Digital Transformation. His professional development direction is in Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, and Business Intelligence. He is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS), the Chartered Institute of Administration of Nigeria (CIA), the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), etc.

I am working with FG to develop new identity technology in Nigeria – Bill Gates

According to Gates, the ID technology called MOSIP would ensure that every Nigerian gets digital benefits.

Implementing Effective Collaboration between Academia and IT Industry Players in Nigeria

Establish a framework for intellectual property management and commercialization of research outcomes, ensuring mutual benefits.

How An Attacker Can Hack Your Fingerprint

If the potential victim swipes the screen during a call, the attacker can reconstruct parts of the fingerprint from the sound it makes.

Elon Musk unveils Tesla LunaRoof: AI solar panel to generate electricity from moonlight

One of the major problems with conventional solar power systems is that they are only able to generate solar power at certain times of the day, and only when the sky is as free of clouds as possible.

Optical Fiber: Aston University researchers beam internet speeds at 301,000 Gbps

the team developed “optical amplifiers and optical gain equalizers,” which can tap the E-band and S-bans, alongside the already commercialized C and L-bands

Managing Modern Organizations: Why Business Leaders Must Embrace IT

Leaders who embrace IT’s transformative power can drive sustainable growth, foster innovation, and navigate the complexities of a technology-driven world.

List of Schools and Departments at Federal University of Technology, Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State

FUTIA is one of the Federal Universities of Technology in Nigeria that serves the South south region. Each geo-political zone in Nigeria has one of such universities.

Nigerian content creators to earn through Facebook, Instagram June 2024

Clegg expressed gratitude to President Tinubu for facilitating an executive order crucial to the landing of Meta-backed deep-sea cable infrastructure in Nigeria.

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CSaaS): What is it?

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service platforms provide integrated security solutions that make it easy for organizations to deploy comprehensive cybersecurity strategies.

Build a Career in Cybersecurity: From a Newbie to an Elite-class Professional

Building a career in cybersecurity requires dedication, continuous learning, and a passion for protecting digital assets.

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