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Important prepaid meter upgrade information

As you may already know, some Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) have embarked on a meter upgrade process that requires you to enter 2 Key Change Tokens (KCTs) before entering your electricity token, which are all supplied upon purchase of an electricity token.

Don’t panic if your DisCo has not passed this directive along to you.

However, if your DisCo asks you to upgrade your meter, you can find detailed steps on how to do so by clicking the button below:

How to upgrade your prepaid meter

NOTE: This applies to you only if you have received information directly from your DisCo about upgrading your prepaid meter.

In order to make prepaid electricity vending systems more secure and Token Identifier (TID) rollover compliant, customers with prepaid meters will be required to upgrade their meters in a simple process outlined below.

Starting from August 1, 2023, you will receive two Key Change Tokens (KCT1 & KCT2) in addition to your normal energy token when you purchase electricity tokens from your Token client as a form of upgrade for your prepaid meter.

This is due to a global software update that will affect all prepaid meters from November 24, 2024, which will cause meters to stop accepting old tokens unless they are upgraded.

You are encouraged to upgrade your meter as soon as possible to ensure token compatibility and to avoid having any issues with it.

Please follow these steps to upgrade your meter:

  • Purchase an electricity token:
    When you do this, you will receive 3 tokens (from August 1, 2023). The first 2 are the key change tokens and the 3rd (last) is your purchased electricity token.
  • Enter the key change tokens:
    On your meter, enter the two KCTs (KCT1 & KCT2) one after the other, then the 3rd token, which is your electricity token.
  • Your meter upgrade is now complete.

Please be reminded that previously purchased or old electricity tokens must be loaded before August 1, 2023.
Any token not loaded before then will be rejected by your meter.

Please note:
This upgrade will not affect your current electricity tariff rate and getting your KCT is free of charge so disregard any message that may ask you to pay for it.



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