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World’s most dangerous Computer hacker, Kelvin Mitnick is dead

He was involved in the theft of thousands of credit card numbers and data files across the Us in addition to working his way into the country's cell networks, vandalizing corporate, government and university computer systems.

Nigeria to have a Data Protection Law

...as Buhari writes Senate, seeks approval of Data Protection Bill

TINUBU’s Education Policy, a Novel Introduction in Nigeria’s History

TINUBU’s Education Policy, a Novel Introduction in Nigeria’s History Destiny Young, Uyo One of TINUBU’s most inviting policy in his Manifesto is the provision for Nigerian...

As ASUU strike lingers, Nexford university graduates over 400 Nigerians

Mrs Majekodunmi-Ogundoyin explained that the duration of the NXU programme depends on the students and that it compares to traditional universities. She said its bachelor’s degree runs for three years.

ASUU Strike: FG announces 23.5% salary increase for lecturers, while a...

Federal Government has announced a 23.5 percent salary increase for lecturers, while a 35% increment will be enjoyed by professors. A sum of 150 billion...

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How to Pass CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 Exam with Just 3 Days of Study

Passing the CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 exam with just three days of study might seem daunting, but with the right tools and strategies, it’s achievable. Utilizing ChatGPT to generate a customized study guide.

How AI Drives Robotics Process Automation: Revolutionizing Efficiency and Productivity

AI is taking RPA to the next level by enabling robots to perform tasks that were previously thought to be the exclusive domain of humans.

What is Pharming in Cybersecurity?

Pharming is a type of cybercrime in which attackers redirect users from a legitimate website

Cybersecurity Levy: The Imperative of establishing the Office of the National Cybersecurity Director (ONCD)

The Office of the National Security Adviser, traditionally focused on military and physical security matters, might lack the specific expertise required to manage a dedicated cybersecurity fund effectively

What is XDR?

XDR uses automation and analytics to detect, analyze, hunt, and remediate threats. It provides visibility into data across networks, clouds, endpoints, and applications.