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Articles and opinions authored by Destiny Young

Cybersecurity: Separate your Private Number from your Business Number

Given the government's new policy demanding that you synchronize your NIN and BVN to your Bank accounts, There are security implications if your bank-connected line is compromised.

GRC Role: Some Interview Questions You Should Know

GRC in cyber security ensures there are clear rules (Governance), proactive identification and mitigation of risks (Risk Management), and adherence to regulations and standards (Compliance)

Embracing Zero Trust in Cybersecurity: A Strategic Approach for Enhanced Cyber...

Embracing Zero Trust in cybersecurity is not just a best practice; it is a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to fortify their defences against evolving cyber threats.

Navigating Engineering and Technology Education at the University Level: From Classroom...

The journey from classroom to e-learning is not just about technology—it’s about empowering the next generation of engineers and problem solvers.

Laying a Foundation for Success in Engineering and Technology University Education:...

Engineering and technology education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about shaping the future

Delivering Technology Education at the University Level: The Imperative of Infrastructure-Driven...

The journey from a curious student to a proficient professional begins within the walls of a well-equipped classroom, guided by passionate educators.

Cybersecurity: Expert opinion on awareness education

Employees must be given commensurate cyber security awareness to enable their quicker understanding and identification of potential threats.

Why Corporate Organizations must use domain-hosted email

Domain-hosted email is necessary from a security perspective because it provides better protection against email-based threats, allows for encryption of emails, and enables the implementation of security policies such as two-factor authentication.

Be Patience: Befriend Google!

Fundamentally, the problem with most people is impatience. We lack the patience to carefully source information online; we want a quick fix. You cannot scale...

2024! Prepare for the expected contingency in the labour market

We never anticipated that technological advances and the rapid adoption of digital technology would cause a significant shift in business operations and workplace culture. This development has caused employers to rethink recruitment.

Recent Posts

How to Pass CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 Exam with Just 3 Days of Study

Passing the CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 exam with just three days of study might seem daunting, but with the right tools and strategies, it’s achievable. Utilizing ChatGPT to generate a customized study guide.

How AI Drives Robotics Process Automation: Revolutionizing Efficiency and Productivity

AI is taking RPA to the next level by enabling robots to perform tasks that were previously thought to be the exclusive domain of humans.

What is Pharming in Cybersecurity?

Pharming is a type of cybercrime in which attackers redirect users from a legitimate website

Cybersecurity Levy: The Imperative of establishing the Office of the National Cybersecurity Director (ONCD)

The Office of the National Security Adviser, traditionally focused on military and physical security matters, might lack the specific expertise required to manage a dedicated cybersecurity fund effectively

What is XDR?

XDR uses automation and analytics to detect, analyze, hunt, and remediate threats. It provides visibility into data across networks, clouds, endpoints, and applications.