The latest Google Generative AI search gives you easier and more...

With Google's generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE), you can quickly get up to speed on a new topic, uncover quick tips for your specific questions or discover products and things to consider

Google now alerts you whenever your private information appears on Search...

Google steps up user privacy with tool for managing personal information online

Suspicious Hacking Attack Blocked!

RAT is malware an attacker uses to gain full administrative privileges and remote control of a target computer. And once access has been gained, the attacker launches its attacks without the knowledge of the system owner.

What if you misplace your phone, is your confidential data on...

Anti-theft allows you to remotely wipe all your data in the phone. You can sound alarm, trace the location, and lock the device.

Google Enables Naira Payments on Play Store

If you are a Nigerian user, you can start using Naira payments on the Google Play Store today. Simply select the "Naira" option when you are checking out.


Do you know Google pays website owners with approved Ad account in dollars ($)?

Beware of ChatGPT app, there are malicious versions.

Meta, Facebook parent company has said it discovered that millions of Facebook users are being attacked following the installation of malicious ChatGPT app.

How you can Google’s new AI tool to write your emails

The tool also includes a "Refine" feature that can tweak the generated message's length and tone

Google unveils how it plans to build AI into its Search...

PaLM 2 is a kind of generative AI, the latest version of the technology that can produce text, speech, audio and software code that mimics what human create.

Google adds Passkey authentication for all Google Account

A passkey is a digital credential, tied to a user account and a website or application.

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To be eligible for the scholarship, a scholar must hail from the Niger Delta Region and have achieved a First Class Degree, Second Class Upper, or Lower Division.

The Imperative of Business Analysis in a Competitive Business Environment

Business Analysis can help businesses to make informed decisions about their operations, products, and services. This is done by providing decision-makers with the data and information they need to understand the risks and rewards of different options.

Cisco takes over cybersecurity firm Splunk for $28B, its largest-ever acquisition

In 2023, Cisco acquired four companies focused on security: Armorblox, a threat detection platform; Oort, which does identity management; and Valtix and Lightspin, both in cloud security.
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The STAR Method allows candidates to structure their responses in a way that showcases their skills and experiences clearly.
Data Breaches

Security: How a Company’s Network is Breached

Data breaches can damage business reputation and cause financial losses to companies that pay lip service to cybersecurity.
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