Apple iPhone 15 Type-C Cable to Retain USB 2.0 Speed

For the first time this year, all iPhone 15 models are expected to have USB-C ports. While USB-C has a number of benefits over Lightning, another report today suggests that Apple’s standard iPhone 15 models and the iPhone 15 Plus won’t see any improvement in data transfer speeds after the switch.

According to leakster Majin Bu who has previously reported on Apple’s new cables, the actual USB-C cables included in the iPhone 15 boxes are limited to 480 MBps (the same as Lightning) data transfer speeds.

Both iPhone 15 Pro models, on the other hand, are expected to support “at least” USB 3.2/ Thunderbolt 3.0, according to an Apple analyst.

For reference, the iPad Pro has a Thunderbolt port for 40 Gbps data transfer speeds, while the entry-level iPad has a USB-C port for 480Mbps.

The higher-end data transfer speed means that the new models will be able to transmit video and other types of files much faster than the current iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models.

The box of each iPhone 15 will come with a USB-C braided charging cable, which is said to be thicker, more durable, and half the length of the Lightning cable included in current iPhone models.

The cables are also said to match the colors of the upcoming iPhone models, and are expected to come in at least the following colors: Black, White, Yellow, Blue, and Orange.


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