Check App Review on App Store before you download

By: Destiny Young

When you are looking to download an app on Google Play or Apple store, help you with any mobile task, be advised there are thousands of fake applications out there.

Since you may not be technically savvy enough to identify fictitious application, my advice:

When you open the play store, search for the app you want and you have made a choice of the to download, carefully scroll down the to review and feedback section of the play store where users who have used the app have made comments regarding their experiences with app.

Their comments will guide you as to whether you should try the app or ignore it.

The comments could be in form of description of their experience, ratings, customer support, etc.

For example.

I was attracted to the app (Virtual 5G Speed) on the screenshot below as advertised on Facebook. The app promises to increase my mobile network connection to a 5G experience.

Before I download it, I decided to check reviews, ratings, and feedbacks.

What I read about the app by people who have tried it discourages me immediately from going ahead to install the app.


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