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Cybersecurity Caution: FREE WI-FI AT PUBLIC PLACES

ALWAYS void free public Wi-Fi because that is where most hackers breach your confidentiality and steal your data.


Hackers know that most people like free WI-FI. They would go to popular places they know have free WI-FI and set up their own free WIFI within the premises of the facility. For instance, I can go FourPoint Sheraton Hotel and set up a Hotspot and name the SSID FourPoint.

A visitor within the premises of the building will see the FourPoint Hotspot and possibly with other original FourPoint Hotspots. While original FourPoint Hotspot will have restricted access until an access is given to an authorised visitor, the hacker’s hotspot will be free and open for public accessibility, this is intentional so that visitors will jump for the free available internet access.

The hacker will use a Man-in-the-middle hacking tool called Gold Phisher and sits in between the hotspot and the internet and eavesdrops on those connecting to the internet via his network.

With a special network sniffing tool, the hacker will intercept your connection and scan the packets to see if there is a potential information might that be useful to him.

Let’s say, you carry out a banking transaction while in the premises, it is possible for hacker to intercept your login information from network packets analysed from the communication between your device and the internet.


You will notice when you enter a facility with public Wi-Fi, you are likely to see more than one WIFI Hotspots SSID associated to the facility. If need be, always go to the front desk to ask for their official Hotspot ID so you don’t get cut into the hacker’s net.

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– Destiny Young



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