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Did you know you can make a minimum of $200 (200 USD) which is about ₦160k in a month just by owning a simple WordPress Website

Did you know you can make a minimum of $200 (200 USD) which is about ₦160k in a month just by owning a simple WordPress Website like: https://youngdestinya.ng?

Yes, you can!

Except you want to continue to beg people for urgent 2k.

With tailored training that exposes the secret of designing a website without writing a single HTML code and implementing appropriate search engine optimization (SEO), you can make a cool residual income that settles some of your bills.

In my first attempt to do a physical web design training, I pegged the cost of the training to ₦10k which would have included the training itself, the training e-materials, and the Digital Certificate of attendance.

I thereafter created an online form and requested interested persons to register their interest, and once I have a considerable number of interested applicants, I will plan and announce the date for the training, disappointingly, only 22 people indicated interest.

You cannot expect to gain when you are not ready to invest.

Your only investment needed are:

1. Creating time to learn.

2. Spending a token to purchase the skills, either by way of attending a training or purchasing a training material.

It hurts me when energetic young men and women would go into friends’ inboxes to ask for urgent N2k. When you look at some of these people’s timelines, what you will see are posts and shares of comedies from skit makers, and Tiktok videos from Tiktokers.

For some young girls, they are interested in shaking ynash on Facebook stories and Tiktok, whereas some of their mates are learning creative ideas and trade to make a living with.

To cut my long story short, I am writing an ebook that will empower you with the skill of designing a WordPress website and implementing Google ads on the site.

80 percent out of my 100 percent time online is spent on e-learning. You too can learn.

The ebook will give you an infographic description of all the steps and the necessary processes involved in setting up your own website, from buying a name domain to hosting the domain, to installing a WordPress Content Management System (CMS), to choosing a design template, to designing your website, implementing SEO, and finally monetizing your site.

The ebook will show you the secret of the untapped opportunities that are on the Internet.

The cost of the ebook will just be ₦3,000 (Three Thousand Naira) only.

Tentative contents of the ebook, though still updating…

I will make it public when I am done writing the ebook. Meanwhile, if interested, fill out this form online: https://forms.gle/syy1WKHnEVDsa6sFA

The internet is an ocean of wealth, tap into it.

I am Destiny Young

Google Certified Analytics Professional and Digital Marketer

Tech Curator: Destiny Young – Tech, Cybersecurity, and Trends



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