The Ambiguity in Science and Communications Ministries: Result is what Nigerians want

Ministers: The result is what Nigerians want

From the Ministerial portfolios meant for inauguration on Monday, I have seen:

1. Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Technology

2. Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy

The Federal government continues to create this ambiguity with the nomenclature of these two Ministries.

In my humble opinion,

It should be:

1. Ministry of ICT (Communication Technology) and Digital Economy

2. Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology

The Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy should be concerned with Digital Communications technology and how its application can grow the nation’s economy.

Again, I have also observed that some Ministries are noticeably omitted.

Recall my opinion when President Tinubu submitted a list of Special Advisers for confirmation by the Senate, I said, from the names in the list, Mr President wants to assign these Special Advisers to man critical portfolios where they have a comparative advantage in terms of their knowledge of the sector. Mr President wants results and not excuses.

It is a well-known knowledge that some Ministerial appointments are actually political compensation. It does not mean that all of them have technical knowledge of the Ministry assigned to them.

There is a clear line of distinction between technical knowledge and “surface knowledge “

Surface knowledge can be that you have been involved in the sector and acquired experience, but technical knowledge is acquired by training and Professional development (my opinion though).

I will therefore not be surprised to see a Ministry without a direct Minister.

I will also not be surprised to see changes in Tinubu’s style of governance.

What Nigerians want is results, in whatever means necessary, Mr President is expected to deliver to Nigerians, good governance, in such a manner that the majority of the people are lifted out of poverty, and that the nation’s economy is seen to be growing positively.

I am Destiny Young


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