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Beware of ChatGPT app, there are malicious versions.


Meta, Facebook parent company has said it discovered that millions of Facebook users are being attacked following the installation of malicious ChatGPT app.

It reported that its security team found out that users’ access credentials to its platform were compromised by hidden credentials stealers maliciously embedded in CHAPGPT app by threat actors.

It warned users to be cautious with various ChatGPT apps available in app stores except one is sure of the developer.

It is usually advisable to download an officially provided app from the link given by an authentic developer, instead of using untrusted third party providers.

ChatGPT is the latest internet intervention using trained AI model to mimic human reasoning. Its emergence is driving an internet revolution with its assistive technology model.

While the internet is saving humanity with ease of life, it poses much greater danger to privacy and security.

Written by:

Young, D.,
Cybersecurity Analyst



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