In the 21st Century, education delivery is driven by technology, and MIVA UNIVERSITY has got you covered.


You can now study for a National University Commission (NUC)’s accredited bachelor’s degree at the comfort of your home (online by e-learning) with Miva Open University.

Admission is now being accepted for September 2023 cohort for a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Business Management, Accounting, Economics, and Public Policy & Administration.

Programme duration: Four (4) calendar years.
Tuition fee: N390,000 per year (can be paid by instalment) no other hidden charges. First instalment is N200,000 to be paid by September 2023 and N190,000 to be paid before September 2024.

The beauty of e-learning of this nature is affordability when you remove the cost you would have incurred paying transport to school, the encumbrances associated with it, the cost of buying textbooks and hangouts, the stress associated with moving around a traditional university campus under a hot sun, etc.

With MIVA’s e-library, you have access to all kinds of electronic learning materials for your courses and you will be guided by world-class instructors and industry experts.

Miva University is a private institution and Nigeria’s first approved Online University by the National University Commission (NUC). All its current programmes on offer are fully accredited by the relevant regulatory institutions in Nigeria.

As a higher educational institution approved by NUC, MIVA degree Certificates will be accorded global recognition and acceptance anywhere in the world.


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Destiny Young


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