TINUBU’s Education Policy, a Novel Introduction in Nigeria’s History

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC 2023 Presidential Candidate

TINUBU’s Education Policy, a Novel Introduction in Nigeria’s History

Destiny Young, a Public Affairs Analyst and Political Communications Specialist

Destiny Young, Uyo

One of TINUBU’s most inviting policy in his Manifesto is the provision for Nigerian students who cannot afford tuition fee to borrow from TETFUND to pay his or her school fees and payback when employed. While this will be novel in Nigeria, I am aware of Student Loan Board in the USA, some financial institutions in the US key into the idea and provide students with education loan.

TINUBU, who studied in the US is simply adapting what he benefited from in the United States.

When I was doing my MBA with Nexford University, Washington DC, it got to a point that I couldn’t afford the monthly $160 and so, I wrote the University that I want to put my studies on hold on grounds of my inability to afford the fee.

It was on the strength of my concern that the University for the first time, introduced, STUDY NOW PAY LATER option.

I was allowed to continue my studies considering my excellent performance, with the caveat that I offset my outstanding before my MBA Diploma Transcript and Certificate can be released to me.

Fortunately, I got the balance before completing the program and paid off my indebtedness.

It is not just about castigating TINUBU on account of his age or health. This is the time do a critical assessment of his policy document and action plan for Nigeria.

Leadership is about the ability to drive innovations. TINUBU is noted for his capacity to assemble a team that drive result in governance. He successfully did this while being a Lagos State Governor.

Once, you have the right team in place, as a leader, you can be rest assured that you will get result.

Going forward, I will be analyzing TINUBU’s policy document and to show to us, why TINUBU is the best among the contenders for Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election.

Young, D.
A Public Affairs Analyst and Political Communications Specialist


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