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Google working on eSIM transfer tool for Android Devices

Google's Android OS based phones are likely to get a new eSIM transfer tool that will use QR codes to transfer an eSIM from one device to another.

Digital Transformation: Integrating People, Process, and Technology for Sustainable Organisational Change

Digital transformation involves a holistic approach that recognises the interplay between people, processes, and technology. It's about creating an environment where all these elements work together to drive sustainable and impactful change within the organisation.

People, Processes, and Technology: From the Perspective of DevOps Engineering

Implementing DevOps effectively requires a commitment to cultural change, process improvement, and the adoption of appropriate tools and technologies.

Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Dr Bosun Tijani promises...

Meanwhile, the Minister will officially be inaugurated on Monday, August 21, 2023, by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Digital Payment Platforms can improve Cross-border Trade – Interswitch

The company says more innovative solutions are needed to effectively address the problems that are hindering the growth of intra-continental trade.


If you want to know when someone has read your SMS on Android, you can set the default app to know.

MultiChoice rebrands DStv live streams app to DStv Stream

The DStv Stream app ensures you never miss a moment – replay those stunning goals, those incredible saves, or watch full matches at your leisure. The New Football Season has never been this personal, accessible, or thrilling.

Ministerial Nominee: Who is Dr Bosun Tijani?

Tijani is widely acknowledged as a pioneer and industry leader in the African technology ecosystem and was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People on the continent by New Africa Magazine.

Why is it called a Type-C Charger?

One of the key benefits of USB-C is that it can deliver much more power than the older USB standards. This means that it can be used to charge larger devices such as laptops and even some electric cars

A Call for the Creation of Ministry of ICT and Innovation...

My submission is based upon the Federal Government of Nigeria's ICT policy direction and the need to align Akwa Ibom State with the National masterplan and framework for IT and Digital Economy.

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NDDC Post-Graduate (Master’s Degree) Scholarship 2023/2024, Now Accepting Application!

To be eligible for the scholarship, a scholar must hail from the Niger Delta Region and have achieved a First Class Degree, Second Class Upper, or Lower Division.

The Imperative of Business Analysis in a Competitive Business Environment

Business Analysis can help businesses to make informed decisions about their operations, products, and services. This is done by providing decision-makers with the data and information they need to understand the risks and rewards of different options.

Cisco takes over cybersecurity firm Splunk for $28B, its largest-ever acquisition

In 2023, Cisco acquired four companies focused on security: Armorblox, a threat detection platform; Oort, which does identity management; and Valtix and Lightspin, both in cloud security.
Interview scene

Preparing for Interview: The Star Method

The STAR Method allows candidates to structure their responses in a way that showcases their skills and experiences clearly.
Data Breaches

Security: How a Company’s Network is Breached

Data breaches can damage business reputation and cause financial losses to companies that pay lip service to cybersecurity.
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