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What if you misplace your phone, is your confidential data on it safe?

What if you misplace your phone, is your confidential data on it safe?


Yesterday, I was looking for where to buy a particular item and has gone to three separate places to find it. In all of these places, I went it with my phones, three in number.

Because I didn’t see what I wanted to buy in any of places, I got destabilised and have mistakenly left my two phones in one of the shops.

The moment I noticed my phones are not complete with me inside the car, I started to think where I could misplace them. I have gone to three places aside my house. On trying to recall the places I went to; I remembered I have #BitDefender Anti-theft installed on all the devices. Meanwhile, I have gone to one of the places and was told it is NOT seen. I became apprehensive.

I rushed back home, powered on my computer and logged into my Bitdefender Central Dashboard: https://central.bitdefender.com/dashboard

At the dashboard, first, I remotely located my phones in one of the shops I went to. Secondly, I remotely sounded an alarm on the phones to alert the people around of the presence of an unusual mobile device.

Incidentally, the phones were in the shop I had to gone back to ask if they have seen my phones and was told, not there. The thing is, they didn’t see that I placed the phones somewhere and since I did put my phones on mute, they couldn’t hear the phone ringing when I tried to dial the phone numbers.

On the computer, I triggered an alarm on all of the devices from central dashboard. the #BitDefender forced the phones out of mute and rang an alarm. It precisely showed me the location of the phones on Google Map and gave me the option of completely wiping its data if I feel it can be compromised.

The above is the beauty of #ANTI-THEFT when activated on your phone.

You can purchase for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitdefender.security&hl=en&gl=US

For iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bitdefender-mobile-security/id1255893012

You can read in detail how to go about it:



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